Audio/Breakdown Lessons 

*Each Audio (AL) and Breakdown (BL) lesson can be purchased for $30, transcriptions for $20, and video lessons for $40. I am very proud of the lessons. I have spent many hours transcribing, writing out, and recording them. Simply Paypal by clicking HERE, tell me what you want to buy, and I will send it to you within one business day (most likely even sooner!).


1. Jammin' With Jimmy (Head/Solo): Focuses on swing guitar lines, implying chords over simple chords, quick 2-5s, and altered lines over dominant chords based off shapes. (AL)

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2. Bryant's Boogie (Head/Solos): Focuses on double stops, triple stops, Buddy Emmons/Speedy West chord emulations, and altered chords (AL)

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3. Honey Fingers (Melody/Lead): Focuses on the lead guitar style of Leon Rhodes by working through a solo that features many of his signature licks and ways of addressing chord changes over the famous Texas Troubadours instrumental, "Honey Fingers". This audio lesson also teaches the intro, melody, and chords as played by Leon Rhodes. (AL)

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4. Every Fool Has A Rainbow (solo transcription): As played by Roy Nichols on "The Strangers" instrumental album, "Getting to Know the Strangers". This is a note for note transcription of the melody and solo. Get into the head of one of the best country and western swing guitarists! 
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5. Western Swing Lead Guitar Video Series: ($40 each, buy one get $5 off any following purchases)

*view the first lesson for free,  "Soloing Out Of Chord Shapes: Part. 1", HERE!

    1. "Soloing Out Of Chord Shapes: Part. 2" (introduces passing notes combined with enclosures)

    2. "Soloing Out Of Chord Shapes: 1 to 4 Chord" (focuses on basic ways to lead the 1 chord to the 4 chord through close chord shapes)

    3. "Soloing Out Of Chord Shapes: 5 to 1 Chord" (focuses on basic ways to resolve the 5 chord to the 1 chord through close chord shapes)

    4. "Soloing Out Of Chord Shapes: 2-5-1 Chord Changes" (introduces the 2 chord and common ways to navigate this change)

    5. "Soloing Out Of Chord Shapes: 6-2-5-1 and 4-#4-1-6-2-5-1" (introduces more common chord changes and how to quickly navigate them using single note lines through chord fragments/triads