1. Jammin' With Jimmy (Head/Solo): Focuses on swing guitar lines, implying chords over simple chords, quick 2-5s, and altered lines over dominant chords based off shapes. (AL)

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2. Bryant's Boogie (Head/Solos): Focuses on double stops, triple stops, Buddy Emmons/Speedy West chord emulations, and altered chords (AL)

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3. Swing Era Guitar Part 1 (Lead/Rhythm Guitar): Focuses on classic Charlie Christian lines based out of E, A, and D7 chord shapes, collapsable chords, and Freddie Green styled rhythm guitar (major/dominant 7 and passing chords). Each concept is applied to a blues in G. (AL)

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4. Swing Era Guitar Part 2 (Lead/Rhythm Guitar): Focuses on navigating lines through collapsable chords in the context of cycling dominant chords (think B section of Rhythm Changes), lines made from upper structure 7th chords, and rhythm guitar dominant 7th passing chord phrases. (AL)

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5. Honey Fingers (Melody/Lead): Focuses on the lead guitar style of Leon Rhodes by working through a solo that features many of his signature licks and ways of addressing chord changes over the famous Texas Troubadours instrumental, "Honey Fingers". This audio lesson also teaches the intro, melody, and chords as played by Leon Rhodes. (AL)

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6. Every Fool Has A Rainbow: As played by Roy Nichols on "The Strangers" instrumental album, "Getting to Know the Strangers". This is a note for note transcription of the melody and solo. Along with the PDF in tab/standard notation is a measure by measure breakdown of how he is addressing the chord changes. Get into the head of one of the best country and western swing guitarists! (BL)
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