I have taught private lessons to all ages and levels for 5 years. Each lesson revolves around what the student is interested in. I focus on one aspect of music theory (scales, chords, arpeggios, etc) and how it applies to what the student wants to learn (songs, licks, improvisation, songwriting, etc). I teach a wide range of styles including; blues, americana/folk, blue grass, country, western swing, swing era jazz, country jazz, classic rock, metal, alternative, and new wave. In addition to guitar, I teach 5 string banjo and ukulele!

My philosophy on learning music:

-Learn music that you know and enjoy. Never feel like you "have" to learn something in particular.

-From there, figure out every little nuance of it. This can range from an entire song to a cool solo. 

-Extract the "theory" and how it can be applied to other songs you know.

-Expand on what you learned by changing it in little ways. Eventually, what you copied from someone else will be unique to you!

-Explore your instrument. Take the time to try new things.

-Play with others. There is no better way to excel at your instrument! 

*I teach locally in South Austin under my business name "You Rock, I Roll"  (guitar lessons in your home!) or through Skype. Contact me through my Contacts page for more information on private lessons!